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2017 Drug Finder:
Search for Your Prescription Drug Across All Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage Plans

There are three ways to find your medication:
  1. Select your State and enter at least the first three letters of your drug name or
  2. select your State and enter your drug’s 11-digit National Drug Code (NDC) or
  3. select the starting letter for the drug you wish to find. You will be taken to a page showing all Medicare Part D drugs beginning with this letter. Click on the medication. You will return to this page. Select your State (if not already shown).
All Medicare Part D plans or Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage that cover your chosen drug will be shown with the plan’s premium, deductible, drug cost-sharing details and the plan's average negotiated retail drug price.  Example: California stand-alone Medicare Part D plans covering ATORVASTATIN 10 MG.

Search Criteria

NORVASC 10MG TABLET (90 BOT) No 2017 plans found in Pennsylvania that meet your search criteria.
Ex: Lipitor

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