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Chart of 2023 BIN and PCN values for each Medicare Part D prescription drug plan Part 2 of 6 (H2161 through H3655)

Category: Your Formulary (Drug List)
Published: Dec, 24 2022 09:12:22

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a compilation of the BIN and PCN values for each 2023 Medicare Part D plan sponsor.  Please note, the data below is Part 2 of 6 (H2161 - H3655) with links to Part 1 and Parts 3 through 6.

CMS included the following disclaimer in regards to this data:

"DISCLAIMER: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made a reasonable effort to ensure that the provided data are a true and accurate representation of the data on file at CMS at the time of disclosure. This information reflects data as reported by the Medicare Part D sponsors and has not been validated. CMS is not responsible for data that is misrepresented, misinterpreted or altered in any way."

The chart below is the second page of the 2023 Medicare Part D pharmacy BIN and PCN list covering prescription drug plans from contracts H2161 through H3655.

Click here for the first page (E0654 - H2134), third page (H3660 - H5355), fourth page (H5372 - H7220), fifth page (H7245 - H9649), and sixth page (H9662 - S9854).

2023 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Pharmacy BIN and PCN Numbers
Contract ID Contract Name Plan ID BIN PCN
H2161 00201235307187182
H2161 00301235307187183
H2162 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2168 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2171 all plans012312PARTD
H2172Kaiser Permanenteall plans011859MACMSA
H2174Wellcare by Trilliumall plans004336MEDDADV
H2185LifeWorks Advantageall plans610602NVTD
H2196UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2218Elder Service Plan of Harbor Health Services, Incall plans022188PSTMEDD
H2219Fallon Healthall plans610011CTRXMEDD
H2220Uphams Corner Health Committee, Inc.all plans018091PRSMEDD
H2221CHA PACEall plans018091018091
H2222Element Care, Incall plans000000000000
H2223Neighborhood PACEall plans000000000000
H2224Senior Whole Healthall plans003858MD
H2225Commonwealth Care Alliance Massachusettsall plans610602NVTD
H2226UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2228UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2230Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusettsall plans004336MEDDADV
H2235BayCare Health Plansall plans015574ASPROD1
H2237iCareall plans01558103200000
H2241 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2246SelectHealthall plans0159387463
H2247UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2256Tufts Health Planall plans610011CTRXMEDD
H2261Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusettsall plans004336MEDDADV
H2272UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2288 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2292UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2293Aetna Medicareall plans610502MEDDAET
H2318PACE Southeast Michiganall plans022188PSTMEDD
H2320Priority Health Medicareall plans003858MD
H2322HAP Senior Plus (PPO)004, 008, 011, 012, 013, 014, 803610014MEDDPRIME
H2322HAP Senior Plus (PPO)015610014MEDPRIME
H2334Clear Spring Healthall plans610014MEDDPRIME
H2354HAP Senior Plus015, 018, 021, 022, 024, 025, 026, 027, 802610014MEDDPRIME
H2354HAP Senior Plus028610014MEDPRIME
H2368InnovAge California PACE - Sacramentoall plans022188PSTMEDD
H2386Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens, Inc,all plans013170000000
H2392Kansas Health Advantageall plans012312PARTD
H2400Signature Advantage (HMO SNP)all plans012312PARTD
H2406UnitedHealthcareall plans6100979999
H2416PrimeWest Healthall plans015574PWPROD1
H2417Itasca Medical Care/IMCare Classicall plans004336MEDDMCDMN
H2419South Country Health Allianceall plans01958706190000
H2422HealthPartnersall plans015574MNPROD1
H2425Blue Plusall plans610455SBPARTD
H2450Medica001, 002, 007, 016, 017, 035, 037, 039, 041, 049, 801003858MD
H2456 all plans003858DE
H2458 all plans610014MNDE
H2459 all plans003858MD
H2461 all plans610455HMPBD
H2462 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2463 all plans01558103200000
H2478 all plans123456123456
H2486 all plans01558103200000
H2491 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2506 all plans610591MEDDADV
H2509 all plans6100979999
H2526 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2531 all plans6100979999
H2533 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2537 all plans000000000000
H2563 all plans610011CTRXMEDD
H2577 all plans6100979999
H2582 all plans6100979999
H2591 all plans015789CTRXMEDD
H2593 031003858MD
H2593 001, 003, 005, 006, 013, 018, 019, 021, 022, 023, 025, 029, 032, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 042, 043020115IS
H2610 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2624 all plans610315RXA099
H2663 all plans610502MEDDAET
H2678 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2686 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2694 all plans610011CTRXMEDD
H2697 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2715 all plans123456123456
H2722 all plans610602NVTD
H2737 all plans610593HNEMEDD
H2752 all plans017010CIMCARE
H2765 all plans610602NVTD
H2775 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2782 all plans01235308220000
H2793 all plans012312PARTD
H2802 all plans6100979999
H2815 all plans016110PACE
H2816 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2825 all plans610014MedDPrime
H2835 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H2836 005, 006020115IS
H2836 801022227IS
H2853 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2879 002, 004003858MD
H2879 001, 003, 005004336MEDDADV
H2882 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H2915 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2923 all plans004336MEDDADV
H2926 all plans015574PWPROD1
H2936 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H2937 all plans024748GRNMEDD
H2941 002022188PSTMEDC
H2941 001022188PTSMEDD
H2942 all plans012312PARTD
H2944 all plans01558103200000
H2960 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2962 all plans610011CTRXMEDD
H2986 all plans015574ASPROD1
H2992 all plans024748GRNMEDD
H3015 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3041 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3047 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3060 all plans016110PACE
H3071 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3080 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3084 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3113 all plans6100979999
H3132 all plans015574ASPROD1
H3146 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3152 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3154 004, 022, 030, 031, 032016499HMOPOSNJ
H3154 802, 812016499HMOPOSNJG
H3170 all plans610455ENEH3170
H3186 all plans610011CTRXMEDD
H3189 all plans015574ASPROD1
H3192 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3204 all plans610593PHPMEDD
H3206 all plans610593PHPMEDD
H3213 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3219 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3237 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3239 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3240 all plans020115IS
H3251 002, 030011552MAPDNM1
H3251 804011552MAPDNMG1
H3251 029011552NMSNP2
H3256 all plans6100979999
H3259 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3274 all plans610602NVTD
H3276 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3281 001015574ASPROD1
H3281 010610014MEDDPRIME
H3284 all plans018091PRSMEDD
H3288 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3291 all plans610602NVTD
H3293 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3305 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3307 all plans6100979999
H3312 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3321 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3322 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3329 all plans610602nvtd
H3330 045, 0464000230020025040
H3330 021, 032, 036, 038, 039, 042, 814, 8204000230020050403
H3331 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3335 all plans003858MD
H3342 023, 024, 025, 026020115IS
H3342 808, 810, 813, 814, 817, 818022227IS
H3344 all plans012635NA
H3347 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3351 all plans003858MD
H3359 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3362 all plans012635NA
H3379 all plans6100979999
H3384 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3387 all plans6100979999
H3388 015, 016004336MEDADV
H3388 017004336MEDDADV
H3388 002, 004, 013, 014, 018, 019, 801, 803610770CRXMD
H3404 all plans015905PPONC
H3407 all plans610602NVTD
H3416 all plans015574ASPROD1
H3418 all plans6100979999
H3419 all plans610602NVTD
H3430 all plans013170CLAIMCR
H3442 all plans6100979999
H3443 001, 002, 003610455AHPPARTD
H3443 801, 802610455AHPPARTDG
H3447 001, 003, 004, 005, 010, 011, 013, 014, 018, 020, 022, 024, 025, 026, 027, 028, 030, 033, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 041, 042020115IS
H3447 802022188IS
H3447 804, 806, 811, 813, 818, 820022227IS
H3449 all plans015905HMONC
H3464 all plans6100979999
H3467 all plans610602NVTD
H3471 all plans015789CTRXMEDD
H3473 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3493 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3499 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3517 all plans610593PRSMEDD
H3522 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3528 all plans610014MEDDPRIME
H3533 all plans01558103200000
H3536 002, 004, 005, 006020115IS
H3536 801, 803022227IS
H3554 002, 003, 004, 007, 008016895PPOAR2
H3554 801, 802016895PPOAR2G
H3557 001610455BCRIMA
H3557 801, 802610455BCRIMAG
H3561 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3563 all plans022188PSTMEDD
H3597 all plans610502MEDDAET
H3613 all plans016110PACE
H3632 all plans003858MD
H3653 all plans004336MEDDADV
H3655 033, 034, 038, 041, 042, 044, 045, 046020115IS
H3655 801, 805022227IS

The above chart is the second page of the 2023 Medicare Part D pharmacy BIN and PCN list (H2161 - H3655).

Click here for the first page (E0654 - H2134), third page (H3660 - H5355), fourth page (H5372 - H7220), fifth page (H7245 - H9649), and sixth page (H9662 - S9854).

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