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March 2020 Medicare Drug List Updates: Sixty-eight (68) medications added to 2020 Medicare Part D Drug plan formularies.

Category: Monthly Formulary Changes
Published: Apr, 05 2020 02:04:52

We now have the recently released March 2020 Medicare Part D prescription drug plan formulary (drug lists) data online and included in our Formulary Browser and Drug Finder.  The March formulary updates include the addition of 99 new National Drug Codes (NDCs), representing 68 different prescription drugs, many with multiple strengths.  The formulary updates impact both stand-alone Medicare Part D plans (PDPs) and Medicare Advantage plans with drug coverage (MAPDs).

Highlights of the March 2020 Formulary update include twenty-five (25) newly-added generic drugs:   The March Medicare Part D drug data includes 25 generic medications, 13 of which are newly-introduced generic drugs.  These drugs include:
  • BLISOVI 24 FE [TARINA FE 1/20®],
  • BLISOVI FE 1.5-30 [MICROGESTIN FE 1.5/30®],

You can see our article "March 2020 Drug List Updates: Twenty-five (25) new generic drugs added to many Medicare Part D plan formularies" found at https://Q1News.com/819.html for more about coverage the new generics.

The March 2020 Formulary update includes fourty-three (43) newly-added brand-name drugs:  The March drug data updates also include 43 new brand-name drugs, 21 of which are newly introduced brand-name drugs, some with multiple strengths. These drugs include:
  • AKLIEF®,
  • CEQUA®,
  • GVOKE®,
  • SLYND®,
  • WAKIX®,
  • XENLETA®, and

Please note that these new generic and brand-name drugs are not available on all Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage drug plans - and you can review the chart to see the (often limited) number of plan formularies that now include these drugs.

Reminders about Medicare prescription drug plan formulary changes
  1. Medicare Part D plans ( PDPs and MAPDs) can change their formulary or drug list during the year and may drop one of your formulary medication mid-year for specific Medicare-allowable reasons (such as a new generic drug is available), but there are steps you can take if your medication is no longer covered by your prescription drug plan.

  2. Your Medicare Part D plan will notify you if the plan drops a medication you are currently using.

Reminder: What is the NDC?

The NDC or National Drug Code is used to uniquely identify a particular drug, manufacturer, strength, and packaging combination. The NDC is often shown on your prescription bottle as an 11-digit code (see the charts below) or could be formatted as 00000-0000-00 where the first set of numbers identifies the drug manufacturer, the second set of number identifies the product and strength, and the third set of numbers identifies the packaging.  You can read more here: https://Q1FAQ.com/155.html

There are many reasons for NDCs to be added to the Medicare Part D program, a summary for all 99 new NDCs is as follows:

Reason for NDC Addition Occurrences
New Delivery Form 2
New Drug 34
New Drug and Strength 36
New Drug, Manufacturer and Strength 2
New Manufacturer 1
New Manufacturer and Strength 6
New Manufacturer, Strength and Delivery Form 4
New Strength 14
Total New NDCs 99

The following chart details the 99 new manufacturer / drug-strength / packaging combinations (NDCs) that were added to one or more Medicare Part D formularies in the most recent updates -- as you will notices, some drugs are only covered by a few Medicare plans.

You can click on the Drug Code (NDC) or Drug Name below to go to our Q1Medicare.com Drug Finder (Q1Rx.com) and see the details of how this drug is covered by all Medicare Part D plans (PDPs) in Florida (our example state).  You can then change the state in our search form for details of drug coverage in your service area.

NDC Drug Name Number of
PDP Formularies*
Number of
MAPD Formularies*
53746067001ACEBUTOLOL 400 MG CAPSULE [Sectral]56373New Manufacturer and Strength
00299593545AKLIEF 0.005% CREAM (G)02New Drug
00781106105ALPRAZOLAM 0.25 MG TABLET [Xanax]64372New Drug
13668031190AMLODIPINE-OLMESARTAN 10-40 MG TABLET [AZOR]24289New Strength
27241008303AMLODIPINE-OLMESARTAN 5-20 MG Tablet [AZOR]24289New Strength
50261031301ANNOVERA VAGINAL RING012New Drug
75854060228BALCOLTRA TABLET010New Drug
68180086473BLISOVI 24 FE TABLET [Tarina Fe 1/20]36269New Drug and Strength
68180086673BLISOVI FE 1.5-30 TABLET [Microgestin Fe 1.5/30]60345New Drug and Strength
47335050696CEQUA 0.09% SOLUTION DROPERETTE07New Drug
52536008014CIPROFLOX-FLUOCINLN 0.3-0.025% VIAL445New Drug
25021011502CLINDAMYCIN PH 300 MG/2 ML VIAL [Cleocin]65369New Drug and Strength
25021011504CLINDAMYCIN PH 600 MG/4 ML VIAL [Cleocin]65378New Drug and Strength
66993094748CLOCORTOLONE PIVALATE 0.1% CREAM (g) [Cloderm]488New Drug
71403080445CLODERM 0.1% CREAM (g)019New Drug
62332041230DEFERASIROX 360 MG TABLET [Jadenu]49317New Drug and Strength
62332041030DEFERASIROX 90 MG TABLET [Jadenu]49317New Drug and Strength
63323082475DEXTROSE 10%-WATER IV SOLUTION DEHP FR BG67386New Manufacturer
16714059101DIGOXIN 0.25 MG TABLET [Lanoxin]67386New Manufacturer and Strength
66689032702DIGOXIN 0.05 MG/ML SOLUTION [Lanoxin]67373New Manufacturer and Strength
47335061630DRIZALMA SPRINKLE DR 20 MG CAPSULE37191New Drug and Strength
47335061730DRIZALMA SPRINKLE DR 30 MG CAPSULE37188New Drug and Strength
47335061830DRIZALMA SPRINKLE DR 40 MG CAPSULE37191New Drug and Strength
47335061930DRIZALMA SPRINKLE DR 60 MG CAPSULE37191New Drug and Strength
72124000101DUAKLIR PRESSAIR 400-12MCG INH AER POW BA26New Drug
00310183030FASENRA PEN 30 MG/ML AUTO INJCT5165New Delivery Form
52609000705FERRIPROX 1,000 MG TABLET19244New Strength
00169320515FIASP PENFILL 100 UNIT/ML CART CARTRIDGE9155New Delivery Form
23155047344FUROSEMIDE 100 MG/10 ML VIAL66387New Manufacturer and Strength
00049005260GEODON 20 MG CAPSULE37New Strength
00049005660GEODON 60 MG CAPSULE37New Strength
00049005860GEODON 80 MG CAPSULE37New Strength
72065013012GVOKE 0.5 MG/0.1 ML SYRINGE13138New Drug and Strength
72065013112GVOKE 1 MG/0.2 ML SYRINGE13141New Drug and Strength
00591405289IVERMECTIN 1% CREAM (g) [Soolantra]256New Drug
42515000201IXIARO 6 UNIT(6 MCG)/0.5ML SYRINGE67388New Drug
00074327813K-TAB ER 10 MEQ TABLET [Klotrix]536New Drug
00338081104KCL 20 MEQ IN D5W-LACT RINGER IV SOLUTION37242New Strength
43538053010KETODAN 2% FOAM6102New Drug
00378728753LEVONOR-ETH ESTRAD 0.1-0.02 MG Tablet [Vienva]65364New Drug
00093323001METHYLPHENIDATE LA 20 MG CAPSULE CPBP 50-50 [Ritalin LA]9186New Drug and Strength
00093323101METHYLPHENIDATE LA 30 MG CAPSULE CPBP 50-50 [Ritalin LA]9185New Drug and Strength
51862061430METHYLPHENIDATE LA 60 MG CAPSULE CPBP 50-50 [Ritalin LA]8154New Drug and Strength
16714085501METOPROLOL SUCC ER 200 MG TABLET 24H [Toprol XL]67388New Drug, Manufacturer and Strength
00378459510METOPROLOL SUCC ER 25 MG TABLET 24H [Toprol XL]67388New Drug, Manufacturer and Strength
52817035810METOPROLOL TARTRATE 37.5 MG TABLET26126New Manufacturer and Strength
52817035910METOPROLOL TARTRATE 75 MG TABLET26128New Manufacturer and Strength
00713016612MIGERGOT 2-100 MG SUPPOSITORY SUPP.RECT31160New Drug
00832027311MORPHINE SULFATE IR 15 MG TABLET [MSIR]67388New Manufacturer, Strength and Delivery Form
00832027411MORPHINE SULFATE IR 30 MG TABLET [MSIR]67388New Manufacturer, Strength and Delivery Form
50474050015NAYZILAM 5 MG NASAL SPRAY65381New Drug
42747060290NOURIANZ 20 MG TABLET124New Drug and Strength
42747060490NOURIANZ 40 MG TABLET124New Drug and Strength
24510017460NUCYNTA ER 150 MG TABLET ER 12H26196New Strength
24510023260NUCYNTA ER 200 MG TABLET ER 12H26196New Strength
24510029160NUCYNTA ER 250 MG TABLET ER 12H26195New Strength
00002473230OLUMIANT 1 MG TABLET3124New Strength
00069101101PANZYGA 10% (1 G/10 ML) VIAL25167New Drug and Strength
00069131201PANZYGA 10% (10 G/100 ML) VIAL25167New Drug and Strength
00069110901PANZYGA 10% (2.5 G/25 ML) VIAL25167New Drug and Strength
00069141501PANZYGA 10% (20G/200ML) VIAL25167New Drug and Strength
00069155801PANZYGA 10% (30 G/300 ML) VIAL25167New Drug and Strength
00069122401PANZYGA 10% (5 G/50 ML) VIAL25167New Drug and Strength
62559056001PINDOLOL 5 MG TABLET [Visken]63362New Drug
68180089373PIRMELLA 1-35 28 TABLET63359New Drug
00527213335POSACONAZOLE DR 100 MG TABLET [Noxafil]59364New Drug
00338070948POTASSIUM CL 10 MEQ/100 ML SOL PIGGYBACK42282New Strength
49502047626PRETOMANID 200 MG TABLET023New Drug
13533070002PROLASTIN C 1,000 MG VIAL63362New Drug
00009006501PROVERA 2.5 MG TABLET37New Strength
61748001201PYRAZINAMIDE 500 MG TABLET67388New Drug
70428001112QBREXZA 2.4% CLOTH TOWELETTE09New Drug
50242009130ROZLYTREK 100 MG CAPSULE67387New Drug and Strength
50242009490ROZLYTREK 200 MG CAPSULE67387New Drug and Strength
71403004902SITAVIG 50 MG BUCCAL TABLET MA06New Drug
00642747001SLYND 4 MG TABLET367New Drug
15054112004SOMATULINE DEPOT 120 MG/0.5 ML SYRINGE67388New Drug and Strength
15054106004SOMATULINE DEPOT 60 MG/0.2 ML SYRINGE67386New Drug and Strength
15054109004SOMATULINE DEPOT 90 MG/0.3 ML SYRINGE67388New Drug and Strength
64980035406STAVUDINE 15 MG CAPSULE [Zerit]67388New Drug and Strength
64980035506STAVUDINE 20 MG CAPSULE [Zerit]67388New Drug and Strength
64980035606STAVUDINE 30 MG CAPSULE [Zerit]67388New Drug and Strength
64980035706STAVUDINE 40 MG CAPSULE [Zerit]67388New Drug and Strength
45802028139TESTOSTERONE 1.62%(1.25 G) GEL PACKET [AndroGel]45258New Strength
68382074916TIADYLT ER 360 MG CAPSULE SA 24H [Tiazac]56343New Drug
67857081261TOSYMRA 10 MG NASAL SPRAY016New Drug
43538095210TOVET EMOLLIENT 0.05% FOAM [Olux-E]788New Drug
51167033101TRIKAFTA 100/50/75 MG-150 MG TABLET SEQ24153New Drug
62559083003VANCOMYCIN 250 MG/5 ML SOLUTION RECON [Vancocin]10110New Manufacturer, Strength and Delivery Form
70720010102VARUBI 90 MG TABLET4136New Drug
50419039201VITRAKVI 20 MG/ML SOLUTION67388New Manufacturer, Strength and Delivery Form
00069873030VYNDAMAX 61 MG CAPSULE37209New Drug
72028017803WAKIX 17.8 MG TABLET124New Drug and Strength
72028004503WAKIX 4.45 MG TABLET124New Drug and Strength
72000011030XENLETA 600 MG TABLET530New Drug
29300013201ZALEPLON 10 MG CAPSULE [Sonata]48325New Drug and Strength
29300013101ZALEPLON 5 MG CAPSULE [Sonata]48325New Drug and Strength
61314086601ZIEXTENZO 6 MG/0.6 ML SYRINGE187New Drug

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